Cowls for Clay Pots

®Mi-Flues have for years now listened to our customers tell us about their chimney problems.  In response to these questions we have developed a range of cowls to help resolve some of the issues raised. 

Lack of chimney draught and resulting smoke problems are caused by poor chimney design and construction, insufficient sweeping of the chimney or unfavourable site conditions.

The most common cause of poor draught is a lack of air supply to the fire or appliance.  This in many cases is due to lack of free air 'ventilation' to the room where the appliance is installed.  The size of the room has no bearing on this - large rooms still need correct ventilation.  You can check to see if your room is properly ventilated.  Open a window in the room and leave it slightly open.  If the draw improves then ventilation is at least part of the problem. 

It should be noted that NO cowl will make an inadequate chimney installation operate correctly.

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