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Welcome to Mi-Flues®

Mi-Flues® have been in business since 1988; manufacturing, designing, distributing and installing great quality, competitively priced solutions for heating and other markets, which are supported by our industry recognised technical advice and backup service.

We are proud to be Ireland’s leading flue and chimney specialist.

We work hard to maintain this status, never taking it for granted and always aiming to continually improve. We work closely with our customers and constantly review our product ranges and backup service to ensure they meet and exceed their requirements and expectations.

Mi-Pellet Stoves

Ecofire® Nina

6kW / 8kW Heat Output - Made from steel with a lacquered metal cladding, 18Kg fuel hopper capacity, 36 hour max burn time

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Punto Fuoco Elsa

Always in demand, the Punto Fuoco 8kW Elsa brings warmth and convenience to any home. 2 colours available.

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Palazzetti Milù

6kW / 8kW Heat Output - Made from lacquered steel cladding with a cast iron top, 19Kg fuel hopper capacity, 38 hour max burn time

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Ecofire® Bianca

12kW / 8kW Heat Output - Lacquered steel cladding, 22Kg fuel hopper capacity, 44 hour max burn time

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Mi-Flues® Design & Fabrication

Design Concepts

Our engineering / design office work with Auto-cad, Draught Sight, Solidworks and PM2000 CAD CAM packagess to ensure your needs become reality.
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Factory Produced

Our engineering team will work in partnership with you to ensure your design concepts become actual factory produced working parts ready for market.
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mi-Flues® are specialists in steel metal fabrication processes as well as full product traceability aided by our sage manufacturing system.
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3D Laser & Plasma Cutting

Mi-Flues® offers a semi-automated laser 3D tube cutting as well as a semi-automated Plasma 3D tube cutting capabilities.
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Our Products Are Available Nationwide

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