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22 Feb

Palazzetti Pellet Stoves

Palazzetti Pellet Stoves
Full Range Available from Mi-Flues Ltd.
Mi-Flues Palazzetti Pellet StoveMi-Flues Palazzetti Pellet Stove

Mi-Flues Ltd. are delighted to offer the vast range of Palazzetti Pellet Stoves direct from Italy.

Palazzetti Stoves in Italy began a research project to investigate how to improve the “Palazzetti Pellet Technology” in their wood pellet stoves.

The result was a new technology which became know as Ecofire Silent that produces more heat transfer by radiation and by using a heat exchanger in the wood pellet stove can produce natural convection without the need of a fan.

Therefore the heat produced by these new Palazzetti stoves is silent and is evenly distributed throughout the rooms

This is a product that combines technology with tradition:

Technology: for pellet feed and combustion
Tradition: because the heat is diffused like a wood-burning stove

For the best advice on the Palazzetti range of Pellet Stoves, contact the Mi-Flues Sales Team today on (046) 955 8030

Mi-Flues Palazzetti Pellet StoveMi-Flues Palazzetti Pellet Stove

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