Commercial Flue Systems

Mi-Flues Ltd., Summerhill, Co. Meath, Ireland


At Mi-Flues®, we understand that time is money and there are deadlines which must be met.

Because we design and manufacture quality commercial flue, we can:

  • Provide solutions that other suppliers cannot
  • Custom make components to suit your actual requirements
  • Assist with measure ups on site to give you exactly what you need to complete the project

We support you from the tender or quote stage, right through to installation and completion of the project to your satisfaction.

We provide a wide range of product systems in single wall and twin wall to suit all projects including generator flue, pressurised flue and cascade systems for high efficiency boilers and standard efficiency boilers.

Mi-Flues® Manufacturing Equipment

Mi-Flues® offers a fully automated stainless steel / mild steel tube production solution with diameters ranging from Ø 78mm –Ø 500mm as standard and larger diameters available on request.

Mi-Flues® products are:

  • Available in diameters 80mm to 500mm and above
  • Competitively priced
  • Supplied, delivered and installed by our fully insured and trained Installation teams
  • Supported by our Industry recognised Expert Technical advice and backup service
  • Fully tested and approved complete with Declarations of Performance

Along with various other sheet metal cutting, bending, welding, punching and forming equipment.