DekDrain Channel Drainage – Exclusive to Mi Flues


Mi-Flues, a trusted name in flues, heating & distribution industry for over three decades, joins forces with Deks Industries to re-define landscaping standards in Ireland.

DekDrain Edge Channel Drainage

DekDrain Aluminium “Edge” slot drain is amazing. Adding a cutting edge finish to your drainage design, with a clean stylish look. In a tremendous leap forward, DEKS are bringing a cost effective Metal Edge Slot Drain to the domestic patio and driveway market.  For use as an A15 or B125 drain. DekDrain Edge offers a unique and envied look to the finish, where it matters, (previously only available in more expensive full steel products). Each slot wall is capped with a fabulous looking square faced, visible, non-rusting, polished aluminium edge.

Additionally Edge is a fabulous substitute for use as a Threshold Drain, finishing off the connect between hard landscaping and property. The 82mm upstand ensures the paving has enough space for a securing bed of mortar to fix and forget with no need to trim the back edge off pavers. Featuring an overall height of just 167mm (<2 brick courses), Edge will sit above the concrete slab with ease. Excavation time is optimised to offer you savings on installation.

Designed with an ovoid shape, creating a dry weather channel. This ensures water flows better, acting as a self-cleansing agent to the last drop, reducing maintenance, risk of blockages and cleaning. Use of the stylish access quad-box gives you discreet access for washing out silt when necessary.


DekDrain A15 Channel Drainage

DekDrain A15 Plastic Channel Drainage features an engineered design in channel drain. DekDrain A15 loading is EN1433 certified making it perfect for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. For use in areas such as driveways, patios, and pedestrian areas. The channel body is manufactured from high-quality PP.

Two grating types available in a stylish Disruptaflow Linear Bar PP and Galvanised Steel Slotted. DekDrain A15 is a fantastic channel that offers you style in design, and tremendous performance.

The unique feature is its Disruptaflow Linear Bar Grating, which captures water with 100% efficiency.  Its design incorporates 6 linear bars which means your channel will capture water from both sides with ease by stopping water in its tracks.

Due to its linear bar grating design, water flow is disrupted and protects against traversing water, unlike traditional gratings. It is extremely simple to use with a range of fittings to complete the project professionally – its the contractors choice.