PALAZZETTI Ecofire® Ermione IDRO 20kW/24kW

Specifications and standard fittings:

  • external ducting of fresh air intake
  • steel structure with ceramic cladding
  • the door, firebox and brazier are in very thick cast iron
  • ceramic glass (800°) with cleaning system
  • large ash drawer
  • firebox with 12 smoke pipes with turbulators
  • Combustion Dynamic Control
  • digital, touch screen control panel
  • operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
  • integrated interface with external thermostat or for connection to
    the puffer
  • integrated anti-condensation system
  • integrated hydraulic system: circulator, safety valve, closed
    expansion tank and manometer

NOTE: Ermione IDRO 20/24/26 with DHW (Direct Hot Water) not available

Ecofire® ERMIONE IDRO 20kW