PALAZZETTI Ecofire® Maida IDRO 18kW

Specifications and standard fittings:

  • hydronic pellet stove with fan option
  • burn pot in very thick cast iron
  • “Star” pellet-feed system
  • Balanced Door with self-balancing hinges
  • Two doors, one design door in curved glass and one technical door provided with Balanced door system
  • firebox with flue gas tubes (n. 8)
  • large ash pan
  • Combustion Dynamic Control
  • digital, touch screen control panel
  • Operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
  • integrated interface for external thermostat or for connection to the storage tank
  • combustion air ducted from outdoors
  • integrated hydronic unit composed of a circulation pump, a safety valve, a closed expansion tank and a manometer
  • fan has various power settings
  • Quick Start system (reduces ignition time)
  • designed for our Connection box
PALAZZETTI Ecofire® Maida IDRO 18