SunnyFire Wood Burning Firebox SF 56 3D L

The design of the Sunny Fire fireboxes is inspired by the sun. Just like the sun, they heat using the healthiest method on earth: radiation.

  • Thermofix firebox: refractory cement with very high heat accumulation features, that optimises radiation and improves combustion, the heat silently spreads throughout the room, reaching even the most distant walls for unsurpassable comfort. Even after the fire has gone out.
  • Post-combustion: pre-heated oxygen is injected through the holes in the back wall to reignite carbon monoxide gasses.
  • Utmost combustion management: thanks to the combustion air adjustment lever, combustion can be managed to control consumptions and flame duration and intensity.
  • Soft Lift System: this is a new door opening system which produces smooth, effortless and silent door opening and closing movements.
  • Forever clean: although their perfect fit makes the glass panels around the fire look seamless, for easy cleaning they can be separated and opened by means of user-friendly release levers.

Our Sunny Fire fireboxes can also be fitted with a special, load-bearing frame that is 6-cm deep and 6-mm thick. This frame also has an aesthetic purpose because it fits perfectly flush with any cladding you may choose: plasterboard, bricks, etc.

The flue gas outlet can be rotated to fit the flue at different angles.

Palazzetti Sunny Fire Firebox SF 56 3D L